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Health care clients turn to Erin Whaley to handle regulatory, operational and corporate matters and guide them in the investigation and resolution of compliance issues. Her deep knowledge of the health care landscape, coupled with practical, business-oriented advice, gives her clients an advantage when navigating the complex regulatory environment.

Q: What issues should my business begin to address so that when COVID-19 vaccines are ready for distribution, we will be ready?

A: On a nearly daily basis, Americans hear promising news about vaccine developments that will help protect us from COVID-19. As the reality of a safe, effective, and accessible vaccine draws closer, industries and businesses across the country have started developing their own COVID-19 vaccine strategies. These entities have quickly discovered that any vaccine policy implemented will raise complicated questions not previously faced. While historic annual influenza vaccine strategies are informative, COVID-19 vaccine issues bring new challenges because of the sheer magnitude of the pandemic and the unique issues surrounding the pace of development and distribution. Businesses should proactively address these issues now so when the COVID-19 vaccines are ready for distribution, they will be too.Continue Reading When the COVID-19 Vaccine Arrives, Will Your Business Be Ready?