As we near the end of this election season, employers should be ready for requests from employees for time off to vote. Polling places are expected to be crowded and employers in many states must accommodate their employees’ right to vote if an employee’s work schedule prevents that person from going to the polls.  (Even in states where it is not legally mandated, considering this election year, and the general feelings around fundamental right to vote, all employers should strongly consider a plan to enable employees to vote if at all possible.)
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I love the Little League World Series.  Classic Americana.  Teams from all over the U.S. and the world play, and proud parents watch them.

Billie Ann Tomei’s son Cole and his team from California (which was coached by her husband Trevor) were good enough to play in the Little League World Series.  But when Billie Ann, an office manager for a CPA, asked for time off to travel to see Cole play, her boss said “No.”  According to Billie Ann, he told her, “If you go, write yourself your last [pay]check.

Well, Billie Ann wrote herself that check and went to see her son play.  Do you think she regrets her decision?
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We often hear that certain employer actions are “illegal.”  Sometimes employees think so, sometimes its supervisors, and occasionally its even HR professionals (or even non-employment lawyers dabbling where they shouldn’t.)  While some employer actions are legally prohibited, below are a few actions often thought to be illegal that are actually legal.  Of course, these actions are often terrible ideas — and easy ways to get sued.
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