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Alison, partner with Troutman Pepper and founder/managing partner of Troutman Pepper eMerge, is an eDiscovery advocate who combines legal strategy and evolving, leading-edge technology to discover the facts needed to help clients achieve optimal results, win cases, and settle at the right value.

Should artificial intelligence be used in hiring processes? Many Americans are skeptical, raising fears of a ‘Matrix’-style dystopian future, but AI, and particularly generative AI, is becoming an increasingly important tool for workplace efficiency and management. In the Matrix, AI-powered machines took over the world, using human beings as their energy source.  In their latest article, Troutman Pepper’s Tracey Diamond, Evan Gibbs and Alison Grounds discuss the potential for dystopian results from generative AI and outline the significant opportunities and challenges that generative AI present in the workplace.Continue Reading Generative AI in the Workplace: It’s Not ‘The Matrix’ Reloaded