Building on the foundation laid in the first episode, the second installment of this series uses additional examples from the TV show The Office to delve deeper into the intricacies of noncompetes. This time, Troutman Pepper Partners Tracey Diamond and Evan Gibbs join Labor + Employment Partner Matt DelDuca and Employee Benefits + Executive Compensation Partner Jim Earle to focus on the concept of “forfeiture for competition.” Key points that were highlighted include:

  • The relationship between typical noncompete provisions and forfeiture for competition clauses.
  • The potential consequences for breach of a forfeiture for competition provision.
  • Legal considerations and best practices for employers and employees.

This episode provides a more detailed look at noncompetes and forfeiture for competition clauses, offering valuable insights for employers dealing with these issues.

Regardless of your familiarity with the subject, “Navigating Noncompetes: A Comprehensive Guide” offers valuable insights and perspectives.

Transcript: Navigating Noncompetes: A Comprehensive Guide – Part 2 (PDF)

In case you missed it, listen to Navigating Noncompetes: A Comprehensive Guide – Part 1.