In the first episode of this two-part series, our Labor + Employment and Employee Benefits + Executive Compensation practices join forces and provide a comprehensive overview of noncompete agreements. Troutman Pepper Partners Tracey Diamond and Evan Gibbs join Partners Constance Brewster and Jim Earle to discuss the popular TV series, The Office, and the basics of noncompetes, their legal implications, and their role in the modern business world, all while drawing interesting parallels to situations from the TV series. Key topics covered include:Continue Reading Navigating Noncompetes: A Comprehensive Guide – Part 1

Explore the complex intersection of agency inquiries and workplace confidentiality in this episode of the Hiring to Firing Podcast. Troutman Pepper Partners Tracey Diamond and Evan Gibbs join Partner Abbey Hazlett to delve into the challenging decisions employers face when agents come knocking, seeking information about purported criminal activity by the company or an employee.Continue Reading Navigating Workplace Confidentiality and Compliance When Government Agents Come Calling

Are your employees consistently taking extended lunch breaks? Are they frequently absent or keeping their cameras off during video conferences? If so, they might be “moonlighting” while on the clock. Listen in as Partners Tracey Diamond and Evan Gibbs chat with Exelon Business Services Company Assistant General Counsel Amy Bashore about the popular movie Julie and Julia, the risks associated with moonlighting, how employers can effectively monitor moonlighting within their organizations, and if gas stoves are better than electric.Continue Reading Managing “Moonlighting” in the Workplace: Julie and Julia

Companies can profit off their top employees by using their name, image, and likeness. However, there are limitations on an employer’s rights to do so. Troutman Pepper Partners Tracey Diamond and Evan Gibbs chatted with fellow Partner Cal Stein about the popular movie Air and the implications surrounding employee name, image, and likeness.Continue Reading How to Manage Name, Image, and Likeness: Air

Corporate theft can happen in any workplace. What type of employee is most likely to steal from the company or its customers? What can companies do to combat this? Partners Tracey Diamond and Evan Gibbs chatted with Troutman Pepper Partner Chris Willis about the popular movie Office Space, employee misconduct and creative uses of technology to protect against corporate theft.Continue Reading How to Combat Corporate Theft: Office Space

High performers are crucial to organizational success but often are accompanied by challenges and sometimes even legal risks. Listen in as Partners Tracey Diamond and Evan Gibbs chat with Shiftsmart Senior Vice President of Operations Kyle Smialek about the popular movie Top Gun Maverick and creative ways to get the best out of high performers.Continue Reading Managing High Performers: Top Gun Maverick

What effects can employee burnout have on your company? Does your productivity, work product, and overall employee morale suffer when there is employee burnout? Can employee burnout lead to safety issues and a potential lawsuit? Listen in as partners Tracey Diamond and Evan Gibbs chat with Southern Company Associate General Counsel Kristie Klein to talk about the popular Netflix TV show Beef, the soothing effects of puppies, and creative ways to avoid employee burnout.Continue Reading Managing Employee Burnout: Netflix’s Beef

What does your management style say about you? Do you demand perfection from your team? Is perfectionism a double-edged sword? Partners Tracey Diamond and Evan Gibbs sit down with Elise Holtzman, founder of The Lawyer’s Edge, to talk about the classic movie, The Devil Wears Prada, and the difference between pursuing perfectionism and pursuing excellence.Continue Reading Managing Perfectionism: The Devil Wears Prada

Sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it. What’s the best approach to managing and getting the most out of your employees? Are there gender and generational challenges to administering performance management effectively?  Is communication and training the answer? Partners Tracey Diamond and Evan Gibbs sat down with Laura Yehuda, a Principal with Ernst & Young LLP’s People Advisory Services, to talk about the popular TV show, The Bear, hoagies versus subs, and best practices when delivering performance messages.Continue Reading Making Sandwiches and Managing Employees: Hulu’s The Bear