Photo of Jason Lichter

As a software engineer turned litigator, Jason brings a singular combination of real-world legal experience and hands-on technical expertise to each eDiscovery engagement. A staunch advocate of continuous process improvement and innovative legal service delivery, Jason advises colleagues and clients on how to deploy the latest technologies and best practices to efficiently guide matters from pre-litigation information governance through the entire eDiscovery lifecycle. In doing so, Jason leverages well-honed skills in legal project management, statistical analysis, and machine learning to promote efficiency, mitigate risk, maintain accuracy, and stay under budget. Jason also serves on the firm’s Innovation Committee and is a leader of the firm’s Generative AI Task Force.

Q: Are there any risks to using AI to enhance diversity in the workplace?

A: The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly prevalent in hiring decisions, particularly as a means to increase diversity in employment. In January 2023, the chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) estimated that 83% of employers rely on artificial technology in decision-making. When used thoughtfully, AI tools can help employers more effectively analyze data and trends necessary to improving diversity, such as employee retention, pay inequality, and bias in job postings and hiring practices. For instance, generative AI platforms can enhance diverse employee retention by preparing career path guides specific to an employee’s skills and values, which allows diverse employees to view opportunities for internal career growth with transparency. Additionally, employers may use AI to assist in screening candidates during the recruiting process to avoid the unconscious biases that human screeners bring to the process. Despite the benefits and growing adoption of AI, however, the EEOC and the Biden administration have recently warned of the inherent risks that employers should be aware of when leveraging AI to enhance workplace diversity. Continue Reading Are There Any Risks to Using AI to Enhance Diversity in the Workplace?