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Christina is an attorney in the firm’s Regulatory Investigations, Strategy + Enforcement (RISE) Practice Group. She helps clients navigate local, state, and federal regulations affecting the tobacco, hemp, and cannabis industries – including ancillary service providers. She brings extensive experience in the cannabis industry to her work in the tobacco, nicotine, and vapor space, giving her a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of launching new products and marketing campaigns in a shifting regulatory landscape.

Published in Law360 on July 19, 2023. © Copyright 2023, Portfolio Media, Inc., publisher of Law360. Reprinted here with permission.

While many individuals are excited about the proliferation of state laws providing for medical and recreational use of marijuana across the country, inconsistencies in these state laws have made it difficult for employers to put in place consistent policies and practices on testing for marijuana as a condition of employment, upon reasonable suspicion, and post-accident. Employers are being forced to revisit their drug-testing policies not just because of changes to their state’s laws regarding medical and recreational use of marijuana, but also because it is becoming increasingly difficult to find employees who have not used, or do not use, marijuana. If employers want to continue testing for marijuana in states where use is legal, policies must be drafted carefully to account for the continued evolution of the law in this area.Continue Reading Employer Drug-Testing Policies Must Evolve With State Law