Crisis concerns have occurred from the time of the pharaohs up through the Enron or Tylenol episodes of the last decade, and as recently as the VW manipulation of emission data.  What may be a small concern for one company could be a huge liability for another.  For employers, when a crisis erupts, the consequences can be a game of “Wheel of Fortune” – a misfortune, if handled improperly, or good fortune, for the employer’s reputation, to come out unscathed. A crisis management plan is no “one size fits all”.

4_Workplace CrisisOur featured presenter, veteran PR strategist Carol Cookerly, has given some wise breakthrough advice on managing these crisis issues when they arise: “The best strategy is not to think about how to diffuse the problem, but how to think long-term and make your organization stronger.  If you think that way, the problem will diffuse itself because you will be doing things that will take you to the next level.”

Join us on October 29 during our annual Labor & Employment and Benefits seminar as we walk through a crisis management exercise designed to help HR practitioners and legal staff examine the health, safety and workforce management concerns as well as analyze communication practices arising from a crisis event. We’ll see you then.