More than ever before, companies are turning to contingent workers to meet their staffing needs.  Indeed, according to a recent SAP and Oxford Economics report, 83% of executives state that their companies are increasing their use of contingent workers.  But which type of contingent worker is best for your company? Leased employees? Temporary employees? Independent contractors? Companies often find themselves internally debating this issue. But with the penalties and liability associated with misclassification and handling of contingent workers so steep, there is no need to have this debate alone.

5_Legal IssuesJoin us on October 29 for our annual Labor & Employment and Benefits seminar and participate in the debate on the pros and cons of using leased employees, temporary employees, and independent contractors.  Among other topics, we will discuss which type of contingent worker is best for your company based on cost, flexibility, administrative hassles, control, employment compliance, and risk and costs of misclassification.   We will also discuss how to determine whether a worker is misclassified and best practices for using each type of contingent worker.