Name:  Josalyn Gibson
Title:  HR Director
Company:  Southern Community Newspapers, Inc. (“SCNI”)

1. How many years have you been working in HR?  20 years.

2.  Favorite thing about working in HR?  Every day is different.

3.  Best piece of advice you ever received about a career in HR?  Never bring personal belongings into your office that you can’t take out in your purse. 

4.  Most important thing on your desk?  Stapler.

5. If you weren’t in HR, what would you do?  A college professor.

6. Favorite interview question to ask potential hires?  Tell me about your day at work yesterday.

7. One inexpensive, effective way you’ve utilized to improve employee morale?  Personal phone call to say “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” (with company).

8.  Wackiest conversation you’ve had to have with an employee?  About grooming themselves before coming to work.

9. Wildest thing you’ve ever seen an employee wear at work?  No shoes!

10. Best tip for dealing with an angry employee?  Lower your voice, then the employee has to lower their voice to hear you.