Name:  Andrea Towe
Title:  Employee Relations Consultant
Company:  Southern Company Services, Inc.

1. How many years have you been working in HR?  Approximately 8 years in HR, and 6 years in Employee Relations-General Counsel.

2.  Favorite thing about working in HR?  I enjoy helping others with their career goals and resolving personnel issues.  I also like the variety of work involved in HR.

3.  Best piece of advice you ever received about a career in HR?  One must have patience and superior listening skills!  

4.  Most important thing on your desk?   All of it! 

5. If you weren’t in HR, what would you do?  Novelist and author of children’s book (still working towards that goal).

6. Favorite interview question to ask potential hires?  Why are you interested in working for this Company? 

7. One inexpensive, effective way you’ve utilized to improve employee morale?  Simple things like saying thank you or informally recognizing someone in a staff meeting, etc.

8. Best tip for dealing with an angry employee?  Simply listen and allow the person to “vent”.  That typically helps them calm down and at least allows them to feel like they’ve been heard.

9. Favorite inspirational quote that gets you through your day?  “When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” 

10. Favorite website or app that helps you do your job?  The Equal Employment Advisory Council’s (EEAC) website is a good reference for me on many HR related topics.