Name:  Richard E. “Rick” Sullivan
Title:  Principal
Company:  HR STAR Consulting

1.  How many years have you been working in HR?  35 + years

2.  Favorite thing about working in HR?  Problem Solving; Aligning the human resources with the business focus

3.  Best piece of advice you ever received about a career in HR?  Listen; Be Flexible

4.  Most important thing on your desk?  Paper and Computer Resources to look up in order to study issues and trends 

5. If you weren’t in HR, what would you do?  Counselor

6. Favorite interview question to ask potential hires?  What are your immediate career goals?  How do your skills and experience apply to this job?

7. One inexpensive, effective way you’ve utilized to improve employee morale?  Say THANK YOU when an employee does things right and/or steps up to a situation

8.  Best tip for dealing with an angry employee?  Let them vent

9. Favorite inspirational quote that gets you through your day?  Amateurs built the Ark; Professionals built the Titanic

10. Favorite website or app that helps you do your job? and