Yesterday’s post discusses a serious case of religious discrimination of an employee, including the record-high jury verdict and the broader harm the situation inflicted on the employer.

But HR and teaching important information doesn’t always have to be scary or serious.  It can be fun too!  Really, it can.

For example, check out the most recent posts by Mark Toth on his Employment Law Blawg related to interviewing and hiring.  Mark has been an employment lawyer for over 20 years, and since 2000 he has been the Chief Legal Officer of Manpower North America (among his many other impressive achievements and credentials).  He is a great speaker and presenter (I can say that from personal experience), and he makes sure that his presentations about HR and legal employment issues are not only valuable, but fun too.

Mark has clearly had some big fun himself putting together a short video called “How to Hire If You Want To Get Fired” full of “don’ts” when it comes to interviewing.  The sense of humor contained in the video is great, and the points and lessons are valuable too.  Take 5 minutes to watch the video and then review the list of “wrongs” committed by the company’s interviewer.  It’s a great refresher for those who are knowledgeable on interviewing, and it might even serve as a good teaching tool for those newer to the task.

Plus, its Friday and his video is funny!  (If you need a further reason to watch, Mark plays Elvis Presley in the video — and does it quite well.  If you watch, you’ll want to thank him . . . thank him very much.)

Enjoy, and have a fun Friday.